Clan Gloucesterhelm

Chapter 1: Northwatch

After joining up with Enk the Half-Orc Ranger, Gareth the Elven Rogue and, Herschel the Dragonborn Paladin the Morrigan and Ur made their way to the ruined castle of Northwatch guided by Nissa the Druid towards the purpose of driving out an evil presence. Upon reaching Northwatch the party got drawn into an engagement with a force of Rat-kin who were later revealed to be there for the same purpose as the adventurers. The party killed every Rat-kin present in order to cover up their mistakes and also drove the darkness from the castle.

Chapter 1.5: Escape to Toprak

After accompanying a group of adventurers to the tomb of a great blue dragon in the scorched lands the Dwarven Wizard Butterworth met Echo the pixie and accepted a quest to liberate a gem imbued with the light of Meilikki. He then made his way to a portal to Toprak.


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